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If your roof is a mess of cracked, broken or missing tiles, then it’s time to call someone for help with replacing broken roof tiles in Darwin. At Cool Roof Restoration, we would be happy to help. Our roof restorations can improve the aesthetic of your home, boost your resale value, prevent water damage and even improve the thermal performance of your entire home.


Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Roof Pointing in Darwin


If the time has come for a roof repair, Cool Roof Restoration is the company to call. We will help you avoid common mistakes that customers make when hiring someone to handle their roof pointing in Darwin. These mistakes may include:


  • Not shopping around for multiple prices: Roof repairs are an essential home improvement step, but that doesn’t mean you should pay any price for them. Different roofing contractors are going to offer different rates to handle your project and should be willing to offer free pricing quotes. At Cool Roof Restoration, one of our core selling points is that we provide a ‘Best Quote Guarantee.’ If you can bring us a quote from another roofing contractor that is lower than ours, we will beat it.

  • Not looking into warranty and insurance coverage: When you hire someone to attend to your roof, it’s essential to make sure you’re protected from monetary losses and liability. Asking any roofing contractor about their warranty and insurance coverage is a must to avoid a potential disaster. At Cool Roof Restoration, we have a $10 million public liability insurance policy and offer a workmanship warranty on all projects.

  • Not looking for value-added services: If you are going to have someone up on your roof doing repointing, you might as well have them take care of a few other steps, too. At Cool Roof Restoration, we include value-added services such as free gutter cleaning and free screw fixing in every roof restoration job we do.


When you choose Cool Roof Restoration just for a roof repointing job in Darwin or the complete roof restoration, our goal is to make sure you have the best customer experience possible. From our friendly customer service to the quality of our work, you won’t be disappointed by the outcome you get with us


Problems Repointing Roof Tiles in Darwin Can Address


Teaming up with a company such as Cool Roof Restoration to repoint roof tiles on your home can solve a few substantial problems, including:


  • Problems with kerb appeal: It’s easy to spot a damaged or decrepit roof from the road. If you are trying to sell your home, leaving this maintenance deferred can affect the value of your home.

  • Leaks: Your roof tiles are your first defence against rain and moisture. If they are cracking or falling off, your roof is more likely to develop leaks and costly water damage.


About Cool Roof Restoration


Cool Roof Restoration has been operating for three years, but we have 16 years of industry experience and manage a team of talented and accredited roofers. To learn more about us, or to arrange a service for roof pointing in Darwin, contact us today.

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