Roof Cleaning Darwin

Professional Roof Cleaning in Darwin Eliminates Unsightly Mould


A good roof cleaning in Darwin may eliminate the need for a new roof. Clearing dark patches where mould and algae have taken up residence not only improves the look of your roof but provides longer life by eliminating harmful organisms from destroying it. Cool Roof Restoration provides roof cleaning as part of our services which often removes the need for roof replacement.


Fun Facts About Roof Gutter Repair in Darwin


Roof gutters help the soil around your house to remain stable preventing foundation issues and protect delicate plants around your home. The use of strategically placed downspouts eliminates standing water around your home where mosquitos love to breed.


  • Did you know that rain gutters were created around 3,000 BC? They were used to drain water from one location to another using stones, brick and wood. Gargoyles provided the same function by directing water away from building entrances and other sensitive areas.

  • Roof gutter repair in Darwin results in locating missing toys. Thousands of children’s toys somehow end up in gutters every year including balls, toy cars and Barbie dolls. Next time your child has lost a toy, check the gutters.

  • During roof gutter repairs in Darwin, earthworms often show up in the debris, and no one is sure how they get here. They may have hitched a ride on a bird, but whatever way they got there, they seem happy in their new home amongst the stagnant debris.


Keeping your gutters clean prolongs their life and protects your property against standing water, which is a breeding ground for insects, especially mosquitos.


The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Roof Ridge Cap Repair in Darwin


Ridge caps are specially designed toppers for your roof and come in different formats depending upon your roof type. Their function is to create a seal at the ridgeline to direct rainwater down the roof slope and away from your attic space.


  • Roof ridge cap repair in Darwin involves a complete inspection of your roof for leaks and loose materials. Large birds or plant life damage the materials causing them to become defective and create leaks.

  • Damaged materials reduce the effectiveness of keeping water out of your home which can cause damage to the interior. Roof ridge cap repair in Darwin ensures that the peak of your roof is protected and prevents water from seeping under shingles, tiles or metal, keeping the inside of your home dry.


Signs You Should Invest in Roof Cleaning in Darwin


If your roof has dark spots associated with mould and algae, it’s time to call in a professional team to clean these harmful areas. Mould and algae can feed off the materials in the shingles and create gaps that allow water to penetrate the wood underneath, creating leaks. Professional roof cleaning in Darwin will safely clean your roof, prolonging its life and maintaining your property value.


Call us for a free estimate regarding our roof and gutter cleaning services or ridge cap repair to ensure your roof remains in the best possible condition to protect the interior of your home from water.

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